COOL MUSCLE ia an All in One design AC servo system with built-in motor, encoder, driver and controller. It contributes to the space-saving, conserve wiring, and cost reduction. You will experience a state-of-the-art motion control.

Integrated AC Servo System


includes all the basic function that are required for parameter setting, program creation, jogging and status monitoring.

Conventional System

A typical conventional slider system requires a driver, controller, origin sensor, limit senser and so on, to make the whole system bulky and complicated.

The Cool Muscle can be controlled by various methods, including Computer, Pulse, Analog and PLC. Choose the type that best suits your needs.

Closed Loop

By receiving position input from the sensor the Cool Muscle know its position and can correct itself. COOL MUSCLE constantly monitors its position, eliminating any miss-steps.

Vector Drive Control

Vector Drive Control is the highly-effective Control. Unlike micro-stepping Vector Drive Control is not subject to resonance problems and produces smooth movements.

Staying Cool

The Cool Muscle applies optimum current to produce motion whereas an open loop stepper always used the maximum current.


The World Smallest Integrated AC Servo System !



CM2 has two independent RS-232C ports as a standard feature.
It is easy to set up functions for various maneuvers such as parameters setting, creating programs and multi-axis motion.


CM2 accepts the sub-set commands of standard Modbus.
CM2 can be connected directly to a programmable display terminal or PLC with Modbus protocol.

Multi-Axis Control

Up to 15 axes of CM2 can be easily established by the Dasy Chain connection.

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