Suction pad

PN series

Thin pad
– For works smooth and pliable sur-faces like paper or vinyl sheets.
– For opening of the plastic bags.

PJ series

2 bellows type with thin lip
– Adhesion to work pieces highly im proved because of the thin lip.
– Various kinds of small-size pad.

PB series

2 bellows type with thin lip
– Apply to the inclined work piece , e,g board or steel plate.
– Line-up slip grooved type (PBOG).

PC series

Type with 3 bellows
– The height is adjustable because of the rubber’s buffer feature.
– When the suction surface is inclined.

vacuum ejectors

SC1 series

– Energy-savings Air consumptions : 50% reduced (compared to MC52)
*in the case of X/B nozle
– Space-saving 10 mm. width body
– Very low supply pressure : 0.18 MPa , achievement : -83 kPa
– Concentrated exhaust choice available use in the clean room

SC2 series

Compact ejector
– Quick response Vacuum response time 20 ms (30% reduce com-pared to other CONVUM)
*Condition : 05 HS type , up-to -60 kPa , tube : 4 / 2.5 X 50 mm.
– Compact design Volume : 40% reduce compared to MC42
– Can be mounted on man-ifold up to 8 units

SC3 series

Medium size ejector
– Multi-stage nozzle is available
– The combination with or with-out the filter and the sensor can be selected
– Blow-off quickly and certainly Blow-off flow : Max. 200 / min (ANR)
– The connector with supply port and vacuum port is easy assemble and easy disassem-ble

MC10 series

High flow type ejector
– High flow ejector.
Comparable to vacuum pump. Large vacuum (260 / min) can be en-sured with very low sup-ply pressure (0.3 MPa)
– Solenoid valve and push-in connector mounted.

HFV series

High vacuum flow ejector (High flow)
– High vacuum flow
– Application examples
For conveying of light and Ventilated work piece. , PCB handing , Small object , Air and gas ( Please consult us for the other usage.)

HDV series

High vacuum level ejector
– High vacuum level Reach higher vacuum level than general ejectors.
– Suitable for degassing , air evacuation or vacuum chamber.

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