Ball Screw

Precision ground ballscrews

Enter at a high speed and give (lead one greatly) low noise small high replacement (standard product)

Rolled ballscrews

– High efficiency and reversibility
– High interchangeability
– High smoothness short lead time lower price

Ballscrews super T series

– Low noise
– Qualified tone
– Low vibration and smooth operation

Ballscrews heavy load series

– Heavy load
– High axial load and acceleration
– High speed operation and high life

Rotating nut ballscrewa – R1 series

– Compact and high positioning
– Simple instalation
– Rapid feed
– Stiffness
– Quietness

Ballscrews cool type I

– Optimized design for high reliability
– Extended lubricant life cycle
– Higher feeding accuracy

Ballscrews cool type II

– Optimized design for high reliability
– Extended lubricant life cycle
– Higher feeding accuracy

Ballscrews E2 self-lubricant ( option )

– Cost savings
– Easy maintenance
– Ideal lubrication position
– Clean and environmentally friendly
– Applications for special environments
– Characteristic of lubrication oil

Linear guideway

EG Series

Low profile ball type linear guideway

HG Series

Heacy load type linear guideway

MG Series

Miniature linear guideway

QE Series

Quiet linear guideway

QH Series

Quiet linear guideway , with synchmotion technology

QR Series

Quiet roller type linear guideway

QW Series

Wide rail linear guideway

RG Series

High rigidity roller type linear guideway

WE Series

Four row wide rail type linear guideway

E2 Series (Option)

Self lubrication kit for linear guideway

Single axis robot

KK Series

High-precision 30/40/50/60/80/86/100/130

SK Series

Synch motion type 60/86

KA Series

Lightweight 90/100/120/136/150/170/200

KS Series

Advanced dustproof 90/100/120/140/150/180

KU Series

High-rigidity dustproof 60/80

KE Series

Economical 30/40/50/65/70/90


– Complete selection of single axis robots
Drive type : ballscrew , toothed belt
AC motor out : 30W-750W servo motor or stepping motor
Motor connection type (depends on available space) : direct , bottom , internal , left , right
Max stroke : Max stroke on belt is 3000 mm. , minimum stroke on KK , KA and KE is smaller than 100 mm.
– Easy installation and maintenance
– Customized designs available
– Easy transformation into a multi-axis robot

Linear actuator

Linear actuators are compact , lightweight and highly flexible products that can be foumd in a wide range of applications.

Positioning measurement system

Positioning measurement system integrates a linear guideway with a magnetic encoder.

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