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Factory Automation Sensors

Panasonic offers a wide variety of Factory Automation Sensors including,  Area, Color Mark, Laser, Safety Light Curtains, Photoelectric and more.


Fiber Sensors

Over 180 fiber optic sensor heads available for various applications, accompanied with user-friendly amplifiers.

Area Sensors

Panasonic area sensors are an extremely versatile solution.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure and flow sensors from Panasonic offer self contained and separate head types for maximum versatility in your pressure sensing applications.

Photoelectric Sensors / Laser Sensors

The complete line of self-contained and amplifier separated photoelectric and laser sensors designed for a long sensing range and precision solutions.

Micro Photoelectric Sensors

Micro photoelectric sensors enable stable sensing and realize miniaturization of your equipment.

Inductive Proximity Sensors

For metallic sensing applications, a broad range of inductive proximity sensors are available.

Special Purpose Sensors

Panasonic offers several sensors that accomplish highly specialized tasks, such as hot melt glue detection and wire flaw detection.

Sensor Options

Convenient peripheral tools and devices such as a universal sensor mounting stand, sensor checkers for beam alignment, sensor controllers and power supply unit.

Wire-Saving Systems

Simple communication link solutions from a bit level wire saving bus system to “sensor to PLC” connection system and more.

Laser Measurement Sensor

When your application calls for the precision measurement of dimensions such as thickness, diameter, and height, Panasonic has the solution.

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